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Vegan Perfumes

Finding a vegan perfume isn’t an easy task. It’s one product I have found more difficult to source. However there are now a few out there and I have comprised a list to help you along the way.

But first…

What’s lurking in those mainstream non-vegan scents that we aren’t aware of? Other than the more obvious ingredients such as milk, honey, leather & beeswax. You may find some of these:

  1. Civet Musk – Civet comes from the anal glands of the endangered wildcat found in India and Africa. The civets are captured and held in cramped cages for years, with the musk being “scraped” out every 10 days. Brutal and icky as this sounds, civet musk is still present in many of the world’s favourite perfumes. The problem is, you wouldn’t know it, because companies are not legally obliged to disclose the ingredients used in their scents. They count as “trade secret formulas” and are exempt. Instead, you’ll simply see “fragrance”, “perfume” or “parfum” on the ingredients list. 

  2. Musk – Produced by the Musk Deer. Only the mature male produces musk, which is stored in a hairy pouch just the size of a golf ball, in front of the penis. To render musk for use in perfumery, the dried gland is chopped into small pieces and left in high-strength alcohol to mature for many months, or even better, for years. It possesses a sweet, generous, aromatic intensity and longevity, bringing an elegance and a radiance to any perfume composition. Musk was — and is — so popular for fragrance because it can be used either on its own or as an incomparable fixative.  Musk deer populations have been hunted to precariously low levels, and the animal has disappeared altogether across large parts of its original Himalayan range. 

  3. Castoreum – Beavers are killed in the thousands for a musk they produce to mark their territory that smells like vanilla. This secretion is called castoreum, which sounds like castor oil, but isn’t. Castoreum comes from the sacs between the animal’s pelvis and tail. In fact, these sacs lie so close to the animal’s nether-regions that their contents often contain anal gland secretions and urine. But beavers eat mostly tree bark, which smells pretty good. As such, their musk doesn’t mimic the rank qualities of others. And to humans, it smells lovely. Yuckkkkkkkkk!

  4. Ambergris – Sperm Whales are killed for a secretion that is found in their intestines. It is a musk like scent used as a “fixative” to make scents last longer.

  5. Hyraceum – This substance is actually the petrified and rock-like excrement formed from the urine of hyrax. A hyrax is a small fluffy creature, a mammal in the order of Hyrocoidea. These lovely wild animals live in Africa and over the Middle East. Hyraxes are small, furry, and have a short hairy tail. They pretty much resemble rats, rabbits or guinea pigs. Hyraceum is fairly sterile, stone-hard material that also contains pheromones, which are odoriferous substances. The urine of hyrax is a jelly-like substance, and these little creatures always use the same place to urinate. Therefore, the best places to harvest Hyraceum are the caves or mountain passages in which the hyrax colony builds up a load of excrements.

The endangered wildcat – The Civit

Gross, gross, GROSS! Ready to make that switch over to a vegan perfume yet?? Yep. Thought so!! Well here is a list of some perfumes that can be purchased to make that switch!!

Charlotte Tilbury – Scent Of A Dream perfume

  1. Charlotte Tilbury – Scent Of A Dream (featured). £96 for 100ml

  2. Kat Von D – Saint/Sinner. £52 for 50ml

  3. Eden Perfumes in No7 – Eden Number 5. £18 for 30ml

  4. Joie-Eclat – Valeur Absolue. £59 for 45ml

  5. Abel – Green Cedar. £48 for 15ml

  6. Prosody London – Jacinth Jonquil (Fortnum & Mason). £36 for 10ml

  7. Le Labo – Santal 33 (Liberty) £55 for 15ml

  8. Floral Street London Poppy Eau De Parfam (Harvey Nichols) £55 for 50ml

  9. Lush – Amelie Mae Perfume. £19 for 30ml

  10. Benecos – Heaven Can Wait (Ecco Verde) £8.91 for 10ml

  11. Pacifica – Malibu Lemon Blossom. £20 for 29ml

So there you have it… A list of vegan perfumes. No anal secretions or intestinal musk here!

Thanks for reading ☺️

✌🏻 & ❤️


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