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Vegan or Cruelty Free?

Okay so I get asked this a lot: “What is the difference between vegan and cruelty free?”

Let me break it down for you…

If a product is labelled as vegan it means it has no animal ingredients in it. You would be surprised what animal ingredients are found lurking in our cosmetics. For example: Carmine – a dye collected from crushed beetles which can be found in most lipsticks and a lot of blush products. Or Gelatin – The boiled skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals which is found in lots of creamy cosmetics and nail treatments. GROSS!

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Garnier have recently advertised their new Ultimate Blends range as “vegan” based on the fact it has no animal derived ingredients. However, Garnier is NOT a cruelty-free brand as they continue to allow animal testing. Therefore no vegan would advocate this product. Vegans do not support products which exploit animals.

So what does cruelty-free mean? It means that a product and none of it’s ingredients have been tested on animals.

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Lots of companies now are proud to call themselves cruelty-free but that doesn’t mean all their products are vegan.

A bit confusing, right?

So, if we are striving to be an ethical consumer. Firstly we need to purchase solely from cruelty-free companies and we should purchase only their vegan products which have no animal derivatives. This makes it a “true” vegan product. ☺️ Some companies make this easy by producing all vegan AND cruelty-free products such as E.L.F. With other brands you have to be a little more careful by sourcing a list of their vegan products often found on their websites. Some examples are: Too Faced, Illamasqua, Charlotte Tilbury.

Remember every purchase you make is a vote for what kind of World you strive to live in. If you believe animals should never be exploited then never buy products that condone this. Money is power and without your money these companies will cease to exist!

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