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To Freckle or not to Freckle?

Hey guys,

So me being a natural redhead and all, means I have a face full of freckles. Not the cutesy kind that are delicately sprinkled across the nose and cheekbone area. They are everywhere!

Freckles are really big at the moment. They are all over the media and in beauty campaigns. People are even drawing freckles on now! This is great news for me ☺️ However I haven’t always been so positive about my freckles… Growing up I despised them. I’d say it was around 13-14 when I really started to notice them. I guess that’s the kind of age you start to become very self aware. I envied anybody with  an even skin tone, I think I would even rather have had acne than freckles. That’s how much I hated them! Looking back I’m not sure why I didn’t like them? I’m guessing it’s because pictures of models, particularly in those days, never had freckles and I desperately wanted to be pretty and attractive.


A beauty shot on Instagram of skye_xoxo_ Makeup done by gracemua

At the age of twenty I had a boyfriend who wasn’t very nice to me, to say the least. Every time he saw me without makeup he would make some remark like; “Erghhhhh your freckles look disgusting.” I remember in the mornings I would face away from him so he wouldn’t see my bare face and rush off to the bathroom to have a shower and apply my makeup before I would do anything else. That was it for me then. He had confirmed what I had always feared. That my freckles were gross! I would spend hours looking online to find a way to get rid of them, but with no luck in finding a ‘cure’. I remember I bought a skin bleaching cream from China on EBay that smelt foul and did absolutely nothing in reducing the appearance of my freckles. I proceeded to go through the whole of my twenties wearing high-coverage foundations and only felt human when I couldn’t see even a trace of a freckle. Even on the beach! Mari Maria has made a huge name for herself on social media with video tutorials of her applying makeup over her freckles. Reminds me of my old daily routine!


A photo pulled from an article in the Daily Mail of Mari Maria and her freckle camouflaging skills.

Well I’m 32 now and I hardly ever wear foundation. I let my face breathe and I embrace my beautiful freckles. I’m not sure what changed it for me. Maybe it was the love of a good man and knowing that he loves me with or without my makeup. Maybe it was having a baby that changed my outlook. Maybe it’s with age that I’ve learned to love me for me. I really don’t know. Something just clicked and I started to embrace them.

Looking back now I wonder if I had loved my freckles maybe other people would have too? Maybe that guy just picked on them cos he knew that it was an insecurity of mine? Maybe people weren’t staring at my freckles in disgust at all, maybe they were just admiring them? Maybe I was the only person that thought there was anything wrong with them in the first place?!!


A picture of me embracing my freckles from my Instagram page makeup_and_ethics. I really must get my nails done!

The reason for this post is because I know that so many of us have insecurities. Things that we have built up in our heads to be HUGE things that are really nothing at all in the greater scale of things. Things that we will probably end up embracing or even loving one day! So why not just embrace it now?? One thing I have noticed in life is that if you love yourself,  the World will love you right back! After all it’s the law of attraction.

We are all made to believe that we should look like clones these days. The likes of social media platforms such as Instagram portray impossibly beautiful images of women that all seem to look very similar. Hell, most of these women don’t even look like themselves on these pictures! I know I don’t on my social media pictures! 😂 It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that that’s what beauty is. I still do it all the time. It’s hard not to because those images are everywhere! For me beauty is someone who is comfortable in their own skin. That stuff shines through all of the other bullshit!


”Be you. Everybody else is taken!”

Love Lexi 💖

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