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Isle Of Paradise Review

Self-Tanning Water (Medium)

Sooooo… After reading mixed reviews about this fake tan, and I mean REALLY mixed reviews: 50 percent of people thought it was the “best tan ever!” And the other 50 “the worst tan they’ve ever tried!” I was intrigued to try it out for myself.

Naturally it appeals to me because it is vegan friendly, cruelty free & organic. Also I love the design of the packaging.

Okay… So what it claims on the packaging:

Self tanning water with colour correcting actives + a green base for a natural, golden glow with no streaks, no smells or orange tones. Formulated with superbalance complex to reduce redness, calm the skin and improve your karma.

Packed with organic tanning actives + avocado, chia seed and coconut oils, for a happy, hydrated glow. We love clean tanning, so you’ll never find these in our products: parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or phthalates.

Here’s what I think…

The first time I tried this product I got my fiancée to drench me in it and then he rubbed it in quickly with a mit. When it developed over the next few hours there were areas that had been missed and also the water had dripped onto my palms and souls of my feet during application, turning them orange. So it all looked a hot mess! The problem is that with it being a water you can’t see where it has/hasn’t been applied. So it can be a little tricky. I could, however, see that the areas it had been applied to properly, it looked really nice.

So I waited a week or so until almost all traces of it had gone and gave it another try. This time, I did it myself. Again with a mit. But I did one section at a time making sure I meticulously rubbed it into every inch of my skin and without letting it drip anywhere it shouldn’t. I waited a few hours. Et Voila… A perfect tan! My skin is super soft and glowing. No streaks, just a perfect all-over golden tan!

Check out that glow up ladies!

I think now I understand why the reviews are so mixed. If not applied thoroughly, then it will look a mess. But… if you take an extra couple of minutes to really rub it in and then rub it in some more. It will look divine!

💖 It smells delicious when applied. Like fresh cucumber slices. However, it does have the typical false-tan scent once developed. Not overly powerful like some other false tans though.

💖 It doesn’t transfer onto clothes or bedsheets. Which is amazing! My sheets are white and have remained that way ☺️

💖 Having a pump-style spray applicator can make it a little difficult when applying, as it only works when held upright. This is a little annoying but you can work around it.

💖It fades evenly which is a massive pro and lasts a very long time.

💖It is a little on the pricey side at £18.95 but it’s quality reflects this I feel.

I would suggest that if you are debating between two shades. Go for the lighter one as they do come out quite dark. They come in light, medium or dark. I went for medium but in hindsight should probably have purchased light.

Overall I would rate this a 9/10 and I look forward to trying their other tanning products too!

Peace & Vegan Love



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