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Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living – My Honest Review

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell you about my experience with my “Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living” experience.

First… A little about myself, my diet & my weight: I was a size 8 throughout the whole of my twenties and remained around the 9st/57kg mark, regardless of what or how much I ate. I would say I have always eaten a fairly balanced diet although I loved fizzy drinks and on average enjoyed one or two takeaways a week. At 30 I had my darling boy Elijah and my weight has remained since at around the 11st/70kg mark. I am 5’7 and that extra weight has sat heavily on my tiny frame.

At around 4 Months post partum I attended a Slimming World meeting in the hope to shift a few of my post pregnancy pounds.  However I am Vegan and when it comes to Slimming World and vegan nutrition they are unfortunately still living in the dark ages. My consultant “Debbie” would consequently tell me to avert my eyes whenever we came across a chicken wing or other form of meat in the brochure during the group introduction so not to “offend” me, whilst “inadvertently” singling me out and trying to make a mockery out of me. When asked what my vices were I replied “mayonnaise and chips.” To which she responded “is vegan mayonnaise hummus?” … No Debbie it tastes just like yours minus the eggs. Anyway, as you can imagine my whole experience with slimming world didn’t go too well. Yes you can lose weight on it. But it does not encourage healthy eating. For example you can drink as many diet fizzy drinks as you please, and if you are vegan, pfffft don’t even bother!

My friend recently became a representative for Arbonne and mainly out of support for her I have purchased a few of their products and been pleasantly surprised! So when she mentioned to me about their “30 Days to Healthy Living” plan I was intrigued to give it a go. After all Arbonne is a vegan brand, always has been, so I knew it would offer a lot more in the way of support for a vegan diet.

My 30 Days Experience

Okay so it’s pretty expensive BUT it covers your morning and afternoon meals so in a way it kinda covers that cost.


Receiving my package in the post… I was super excited to get started!

What you get in your box:

fizz sticks, herbal tea bags, 2 x bags of protein, 1 x bag of fibre, digestion aid sachets, 7 day detox cleanse.

What does the detox entail:

Replacing breakfast and lunch with two healthy protein shakes and having a healthy meal in the evening. Whilst eliminating dairy, soy, gluten, tea & coffee and any processed foods from your diet.

When I first received my box the one thing I personally felt was missing were instructions; a simple guide to what a typical day on the detox should look like. In hindsight they do this so you are more interactive with your Arbonne representative and online groups to discover these things.

Day 1

Once I had figured out when and how to use all the things in my box, it was pretty straight forward. I was super impressed with the taste of the shakes, so I knew two a day wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I also loved the fizz sticks, a great little energy boost and tasted great too. Tea bags… hmmmm not for me I’m afraid. They taste revolting. I didn’t feel hungry at all throughout the day; the shakes are surprisingly filling! In fact I was probably less hungry than when I have a “normal” lunch and dinner.

Week 1

Headaches! I had a headache every damn day from the caffeine withdrawal. I would normally on average drink two cups of tea and coffee a day. This was the only downside. Well… the headaches and the taste of the digestion plus sachets you have each morning.  Bleurghhhhh. Other than that I was enjoying it! I liked not having to think about what to have for lunch and dinner everyday and I was enjoying the challenge.


An example of a tasty evening meal: crispy roast kale and tomatoes with chilli flakes, topped with fried mushrooms, bbq jackfruit and pumpkin seeds. 

Weeks 2, 3 & 4

Once my week one headaches had subsided the only way was up!! My energy increased, I no longer craved fizzy drinks or tea & coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed my two shakes a day and planning a healthy and wholesome evening meal at night for myself and my family.

7 Day-Cleanse

The seven day cleanse takes place on week 3 of the detox. I was under the impression that I would need to be close to a toilet at all times for this. But nothing of the sort happened for me. No change to bowel movements or anything else that I noticed for that matter?? I am still unsure whether it actually did anything or not. Also it tastes vile. But I still did it none-the-less.

My Results!

So this detox claims not to be a diet and I would say this is true. It is more of a lifestyle change. However throughout the detox I continued to go to the gym at least three times a week just like I previously had and:

  1. My fat percentage plummeted

  2. My fat mass plummeted

  3. My muscle mass greatly increased

  4. My bone mass increased

  5. My visceral fat greatly reduced (fat surrounding vital organs in the abdominal area)

  6. My metabolic age decreased by 6 years!

This is why there is no point mentioning my weight because I lost fat and gained muscle and muscle weighs a lot more than fat. So overall I was much healthier than before the detox.

On top of all of this I haven’t touched a fizzy drink in two months now. I drink a quarter the amount of coffee that I used to and no longer crave it. I have continued to apply healthy eating habits to my meals and rarely eat takeouts anymore. I tend to go for healthier snacks opting for apple and almond butter instead of a packet of crisps for instance. I haven’t put any of the weight back on since finishing the detox over a month ago now, so it is sustainable, which is a huge plus!


You can see on my before picture on the left my stomach was much rounder and I also have a “thigh gap” on the right

Would I recommend this detox to a friend? YES

Would I do it again? Yes in a heartbeat!

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